Olduvai Gorge: Volume 2 eBook

Olduvai Gorge: Volume 2 eBook


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Content: Front Cover; The Enzymes: Kinetics and Mechanism; Copyright Page; Contents; List of Contributors; Preface; Contents of Other Volumes; Chapter 1. Steady State Kinetics; Chapter 2. Rapid Reactions and Transient States; Chapter 3. Stereospecificity of Enzymic Reactions; Chapter 4. Proximity Effects and Enzyme Catalysis; Chapter 5. Enzymology of Proton A bstraction and Transfer Reactions; Chapter 6. Kinetic Isotope Efects in Enzymic Reactions; Chapter 7. Schiff Base Intermediates in Enzyme Catalysis; Chapter 8. Some Physical Probes of Enzyme Structure in Solution. Chapter 9. Metals in Enzyme CatalsisAuthor Index; Subject Index


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