The financial numbers game: detecting creative accounting practices eBook

The financial numbers game: detecting creative accounting practices eBook


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A one-stop resource for setting up or improving an existing payroll system

The most comprehensive resource available on the subject, Accounting for Payroll: A Comprehensive Guide provides up-to-date information to enable users to handle payroll accounting in the most cost-effective manner.

From creating a system from scratch to setting up a payroll department to record-keeping and journal entries, Accounting for Payroll provides the most authoritative information on the entire payroll process. Ideal for anyone new to the payroll system or as a skill-honing tool for those already immersed in the field, this hands-on reference provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a well-organized payroll system or improving an existing one.

Featuring checklists, a dictionary of payroll terms, information on Internet payroll sources, and much more, Accounting for Payroll shows CFOs, controllers, accounting managers, and systems analysts how to:

  • Create a payroll department from scratch
  • Increase the efficiency of the payroll function through best practices
  • Reduce payroll data entry time and transactional errors
  • Evaluate the services of a payroll outsourcing provider
  • Set up and maintain an outsourcing relationship
  • Set up an efficient payroll system


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